Rastsvetay Group

Rastsvetay Group

These three words reveal the character of our brand, our personality, reflect our mood.
WE GROW with each object built. We are growing in our professionalism. We are getting bigger and better every day. The number of our objects is growing too.

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Rastsvetay Group
Construction techniques
House territory
Location of our complexes
Open construction
Equipment and furnishing of apartments
Rastsvetay Group

Since 2017 The group of companies «Rastsvetay» is on the market of new buildings.

Nowadays Our company occupies one of the leading positions in the construction of residential buildings in Novosibirsk.

The company is developing several large-scale projects in Novosibirsk, Moscow and other regions at once.

In June 2018, the RASTSVETAY brand was registered.

In August, the company started sales of the Rastsvetay-na-Gogolya Residential Complex under this brand.

Construction techniques

High-quality materials from leading world brands are used in the construction of facilities.

The frame of the houses is a reinforced concrete monolith. External internal walls and partitions are from solid ceramic bricks. Facade decoration is from facing ceramic bricks.

Laminated windows, LifeGlass, entrance steel door with polymer coating, dust and noise insulation.

House territory

We care about the safety of our residents. All objects have a courtyard without cars.

When your child leaves the entrance, he will safely reach the playground.

We have a comprehensive approach to the improvement of the territory: all objects have recreation areas, lighting and landscaping of the territory.

Location of our complexes

We choose locations for objects based on a thorough analysis of the environment and infrastructure.

Residential complexes and houses of the company are close to metro stations or located next to convenient transport communications.

Our residents can quickly reach stores, fitness clubs, shopping and entertainment centers, schools, kindergartens, and other facilities that are essential to the full enjoyment of life.

Open construction

We adhere to the concept of «open construction».

Our clients can track the progress of construction projects through webcams, regular photo reports on the company's website and in social networks.

Excursions to construction sites allow future shareholders to see with their own eyes the high quality and pace of construction.

Equipment and furnishing of apartments

Sophisticated layouts allow you to effectively use the entire space, even in small apartments.

We're considering not only the building codes, but also the convenience for residents.

The apartments are fitted with heating radiators with side connection and PVC windows. Recessed balconies are glazed.


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