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Rastsvetay Group

It is important that the place you live in is filled with positive energy. Modern housing should not only be comfortable and of high quality. It should reflects our aspirations for development and desire to change our lives for the better.

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Location of our complexes
Construction techniques
Building surrounding grounds
Rastsvetay Group
Equipment and furnishing of apartments
Location of our complexes

We choose locations for our projects based on a thorough analysis of the environment and infrastructure. 

Our residential complexes and houses are close to metro stations or convenient transportation lines. 

Our residents can quickly reach stores, fitness clubs, shopping and entertainment centers, schools, kindergartens, and other facilities that are essential to the full enjoyment of life.

Construction techniques

Our houses of the Comfort class are made of a reinforced concrete monolithic frame with brick filling of external walls and laminated windows. The facade is lined with facing ceramic bricks.                                                                                                                                                                                   

Building surrounding grounds

We care about the security of our residents. All houses have a yard without cars. Leaving the entrance, your child will safely reach the playground. 

We take an integrated approach to landscaping: all houses have recreation areas, lighting, and green space.

Rastsvetay Group

Rastsvetay Group specializes in housing construction. Now the company’s portfolio includes two completed projects and five projects under construction: three houses and two residential complexes in Novosibirsk. 

In 2019, the company announced the construction of the first house in the Moscow Region and plans to continue housing construction in Moscow and Novosibirsk.

In the short term, the company will start the construction of an apartment building in the Lyublino District of Moscow

Equipment and furnishing of apartments

All apartments are delivered in condition ready for final finishing. 

Well-designed layouts allow you to effectively use the entire space of even small apartments. When designing, we take into account not only building standards, but also convenience for residents. 

The apartments are fitted with heating radiators with side connection and PVC windows. Recessed balconies are glazed.


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