Дом на Республиканской - квартиры от застройщика

Дом на Республиканской - квартиры от застройщика


17 Respublikanskaya st.

17 Respublikanskaya Street, Novosibirsk, Russia

The 17-storey precast concrete building is within a fenced area. The apartments in the house are positioned on floors 2–17. There are also two offices on the first floor.

There is a playground with a safe surface. A mini-park for walking and relaxing is nearby.

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Completion deadline: 4th qtr. of 2019
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    Well-developed district: school No. 36 (10 Aviastroiteley Street), 20-25-minute walk to lyceum No. 28, lyceum No. 126, gymnasium No. 12, kindergartens No. 329 and No. 262.

    80 meters to the Kalinin Park and Kalinin Children's House of Culture.
    60 meters to the Chkalovets Stadium. A polyclinic, stores, and a pharmacy are nearby.

    17 Respublikanskaya st.
    10 minutes to the Berezovaya Roscha metro station by car or bus
    12 public transport routes
    60 meters to the Chkalovets Stadium

    Please contact us for more information